Information on data protection

General information on data protection

When using the SEMA Technology Group web presence, so-called server log files are stored by default. These files include the IP address or URL, the name of the web page from which our website was accessed, our web pages which have been called up, as well as the date and duration of the visit.

The purpose of the collection, storage and processing of data is the optimisation and maintenance of the web presence to increase the appeal of the website and improve the performance and content.

The stored data are only analysed for statistical purposes and never forwarded to third parties. A person-related analysis of the data does not take place.

Information about cookies

Cookies are used to improve and speed up the internet presence. They are stored on your computer and do not cause any harm. The storage of cookies can be prevented by selecting “Block cookies” in the browser settings. However, this can affect the function of the internet usage.


SEMA reserves the right to modify the data privacy statement at any time taking into consideration the applicable data protection regulations.

Legal validity of this disclaimer and the data privacy statement

This disclaimer and the data privacy statement are to be regarded as part of the internet offer. If parts or individual wordings of this text should not, no longer or not fully comply with the current legal situation, the content and applicability of the remaining parts of this document remain unaffected by this.

Information: What rights do you have over your “personal data”?

You are authorised (on condition of the applicable law)

to check whether and what personal data we have stored on you and to receive copies of these data
to request the correction, addition or deletion of your personal data which are incorrect
to ask us to limit the processing of your personal data, and to object to the processing of your personal data under specific circumstances, or to withdraw the prior consent given for processing
to request data portability, to know the identity of third parties to which your personal data are forwarded and to lodge a complaint with the relevant authority
You can contact us by letter, fax or email as follows:

SEMA Komponenten GmbH
Hessenberg 1
4801 Traunkirchen
Österreich / Austria

Office: C-SYS I Cleaning Systems
Schillingstraße 17
1220 Vienna
Österreich / Austria

Tel.: +43.7617.3304
Fax: +43.7617.3305

SEMA will respond to your request without delay. 

Robert Schön - Datenmanufaktur
Neustiftgasse 17-19/2/17
1070 Vienna