Complete solution - automation & options

The complete solution with perfectly coordinated components

Thanks to the broad portfolio of the SEMA Technology Group can offer total solutions. “Everything from one source” brings many advantages for the line operator. From pre-cleaning to final washers, drying, preservation and subsequent packaging, C-SYS I Cleaning Systems has already implemented everything successfully.

Automated as a single system or in a network.

Cleaning systems from C-SYS Cleaning Systems are able to adapt to any customer requirements thanks to the SEMA Technology Group. Not only are autonomous controls for stand-alone operation possible exactly as specified by the customer, but connections can be prepared for existing controls. We are happy to offer our systems together with our automations designed and programmed in-house. Share your challenges with us and we will offer you the right solution – all from a single source! C-SYS cleaning systems benefit from decades of development. When working together with the automation department at the SEMA Technology Group, we can easily implement a control system of any kind. The installed high-tech components programmed by our specialist personnel work in perfect harmony with the cleaning system and the associated peripheral equipment, such as pumps, filter systems and extraction systems. Line operators save themselves a lot of effort when working with us. After all, with us, you can simply plan and offer every loading concept. We can offer and implement everything you need from simple manual loading to fully automated complete lines.

Our comprehensive portfolio makes it possible for us to not only offer automated cleaning cells, but also to plan and offer them in combination with machining centres, measuring systems and other systems.

To be able to utilise the highest performance of our systems, we are pleased to offer the following options, i.e. complete solutions:


  • Return systems
    • Chip separators
    • Chip scrapers
    • Spiral conveyors
    • Return pump stations
    • Manually drainable chip containers
  • Handling systems
    • Portal handling systems
    • Linkage belts (roller conveyor)
    • Lift tables
    • Rotary tables
    • Curved belts (roller conveyor)
  • Stand-alone supply systems
    • Machine extractions
    • Compressed air supply stations
    • Treatment stations 
    • Circulation pumps with filter systems
    • Vacuum pumps with integration
    • Suction stations 
  • Control systems
    • Complete control according to customer specifications, incl. master computer connection 
    • Interface connection to handling systems or other systems from third-party suppliers
    • Interfaces of various manufacturers for integration into complete lines
    • Simple station controls
    • Pneumatic complete controls without electrics
  • Services (worldwide)
    • Commissioning support
    • Final assembly of our systems on site
    • Control-related commissioning