Laser cleaning

Utilising the power of light!

Often, surface cleaning by means of dry cleaning methods (e.g. air) is not sufficient due to the missing abrasive effect of air. There is therefore a large range of alternative cleaning methods for these applications, which can be applied industrially.

Highly precise, selective!

No heat input!

No entry of water!

Small space requirement!

However, many of these methods also entail an obstructive entry of a foreign substance (e.g. sandblasting), require high investments into the periphery (e.g. dry-ice blasting) or are based on watery procedures, which could damage the workpieces or assemblies.

C-SYS I Cleaning Systems offers a gentle, precise and space-saving alternative with laser-supported cleaning systems! In addition, our system combinations are characterised by highest energy efficiency and are incredibly environmentally friendly compared to other methods.

Whether the cleaning of plastics, non-ferrous materials, metals or complete assemblies is required, we provide the suitable system. With a highly precise handling technology with precisely configured laser applications, even sensitive parts and surfaces can be cleaned. We can also prepare workpiece surfaces for adhesive processes with the C-SYS I Cleaning Systems laser cleaning systems and label workpieces - with one system!

Our systems are designed here in the usual way for industrial use in heavy shift operation, and can be designed as revolving transfer systems, InLine concepts or gantry/robot loaders.

In-house specialists for laser-supported cleaning systems, a strong partner in this field and the combination of laser and dry cleaning procedures from C-SYS I Cleaning Systems ensure completely reliable results for the most complex tasks.

We will be pleased to respond to your enquiries with cleaning tests and final documentation of the results.

Laser-supported systems from C-SYS I Cleaning Systems provide the following benefits:

  • Cleaning without the use of chemicals
  • Highest energy efficiency
  • No heat input onto workpieces
  • Structural change of surfaces for adhesive preparations for example as required
  • Cleaning of highly sensitive workpieces and assemblies
  • Labelling tasks
  • Removal of flaky burrs
  • Compact cleaning systems in laser-proof design
  • Short cycle times
  • Low-noise

Available designs for systems with integrated laser-supported cleaning:

  • Pass-through cleaning systems on roller conveyor or shuttle, cycle time recommendation: from 40 seconds
  • Multi-chamber systems on roller conveyor or shuttle, cycle time recommendation: 20-40 seconds
  • Gantry- or robot-loaded system with workpiece drawer, cycle time recommendation: from 40 seconds
  • Revolving transfer system with 3 stations, cycle time recommendation: from 12 seconds

Typical workpieces / applications for laser cleaning:

Automotive (truck / passenger car)

  • Motor: Crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, balance shaft, turbocharger, pump housing, valve housing etc.  
  • Gear unit: Countershaft, drive shaft, gear shaft, gear wheels, shifting fork, shift lever, CV transmission shafts etc.
  • Steering: Steering rack etc.
  • Drive: Drive shaft, calliper, cardan shaft, quick-release axle, thrust tube etc.
  • Chassis: Steering knuckles, half-axis, U-joint crosses, wheel carriers, servo pump, pin fork, track rod end etc.
  • Body: Chassis parts, special section tubes, air conditioning compressor elements etc.
  • E-mobility (electric motor): Rotor shaft, stator, motor housing, battery compartments, electrical connecting elements

Machining tools / measuring equipment

  • Cleaning of measuring equipment
  • Injection tools
  • Extruder tools
  • Workpiece holders
  • Workpiece clamping adapter

White goods / household goods

  • Aluminium housing, pump elements, compressor elements, compression elements etc.

Non-metallic workpieces

  • Rubber, glass, plastic, ceramic, glass fibre, carbon etc.

Large-scale production parts & precision parts

  • Hydraulic components, valve blocks etc.
  • Screws, electrical plugs etc.