Component cleaning - E-Mobility

New technologies require new solutions!

Applications of cleaning systems in electromobility

  • Cleaning procedure for battery packs in the production line read more >
  • Dry cleaning procedures for rotor, stator read more >
  • Dry cleaning procedures for Electric motor housing, hybrid transmission housing without damaging any electronic components already installed read more >
  • Surface activation by means of nonthermal plasma for battery cells, battery frame, battery tray
  • De-varnishing of conductor ends by means of laser cleaning
  • Removal of scale layers by laser or brushing process for battery frames
  • Process-safe minimisation of residual dirt by means of ionised air and special extraction systems for circuit boards, circuit board housings, battery trays and fuel cell liners
  • Dry cleaning procedures for inaccessible areas on the workpiece in battery frame and battery tray construction
  • Cleaning driverless transport systems (DTS)

High demands on workpiece cleanliness require an innovative cleaning technology!

Different manufacturers of systems and components in the future-oriented field of E-Mobility are looking for new solutions and technologies for dry parts cleaning of their products.

Particularly when it comes to sheet metal packages, stators or rotors, circuit boards, etc., it is increasingly important that the highest degree of cleanliness can be achieved and that no moisture is added to the assemblies or their individual parts. This puts conventional technologies to the test: while it is almost impossible to clean e-mobility workpieces precisely on all sides with simple continuous systems, challenging cleanliness specifications still have to be met in some cases.

This is where the systems developed by C-SYS | Cleaning Systems come into their own. No matter which method is the right one for your process: cleaning with excess pressure, ionised cleaning, activation with nonthermal plasma, laser cleaning and much more. Thanks to decades of expertise in the field of precise, dry parts cleaning, C-SYS | Cleaning Systems has gained an advantage and regularly comes out on top thanks to new solutions and systems already established on the global market. It goes without saying that we can also guarantee PROCESS-SAFE CLEANING with our processes. Are product manufacturers able to do that too?

In conjunction with the SEMA Technology Group, we can also cover the entire process linked to e-mobility products: from processing individual parts, deburring and handling, to the final cleaning after the last function test – absolutely everything can be handled by a single source.

Typical workpieces:

  • Electric motor
  • Rotor, stator
  • Hairpins
  • Battery cell
  • Fuel cell
  • Release liners for fuel cells
  • Battery housing
  • Battery frame
  • Housing for e-motors
  • Housing for hybrid drive
  • Housing for circuit boards
  • Electric motor transmission
  • Electronic components, e.g circuit boards, etc.