Dry cleaning processes for E-Mobility

Dry cleaning processes for rotors & stators!

Dry cleaning processes for rotors, stators and similarly delicate high-tech components!

  • No liquids used – completely dry
  • A combination of compressed-air cleaning and a precise extraction system
  • Completely autonomous system

Thanks to innovative system concepts, we guarantee the shortest cycle times for all our machining and cleaning processes:

We make use of multiple set-ups and different manipulation techniques, such as rotary transfer systems and robot handling systems just as efficiently as throughfeed cleaning systems and station-based systems used for manual loading. What is your overall line concept?

All our systems share the same technical characteristic: precise cleaning. But it is our experience in particular that makes it possible to take a careful look at downstream events in the cleaning process, including flying chips and particles, material properties, magnetism or other adhesive forces. With well-thought-out system concepts, we guarantee optimum treatment of your workpieces.

Particle sizes that the naked eye can no longer detect, uniformly activated surfaces and impurities in material pores pose new challenges in industrial dry cleaning. In this respect, preliminary tests at the customer’s request are a matter of course for us. We are also happy to provide laboratory tests at the time of dispatch acceptance, and also up to the final acceptance at your production site if desired. As such, we can guarantee process-reliable and available quality.

The dry cleaning process for rotors and stators offers the following benefits:

  • No liquids used
  • A combination of compressed-air cleaning and a precise extraction system
  • Completely stand-alone with compressed-air generator and fine particle extraction system
  • Precise workpiece cleaning
  • Concept for every cycle time, fully automatic or manual loading