Cleaning of battery packs in the production line

Remove the finest particles according to TecSa regulations!

Dry Cleaning Technologies for Electric Motor Housings, Hybridtransmissioncases without damaging the already built-in Electronic Components!

  • No use of liquids - completely dry!
  • Combination of Air Blower Cleaning, Vacuum suction and precise definition Cleaning System!
  • Stand-Alone-System!

High-End cleaning systems for e-mobility productions! Especially in the e-mobilitysector it is often not feasible to deploy "standard blow-off cabinets", while maintaining process reliability.


Benefits of Dry Cleaning Technologies for Rotors and Stators:

  • No liquid media!
  • Combination of blower air, vacuum system and, if required, pinpoint compressed air cleaning
  • Completely self-sufficient blower with fine filter unit
  • Precise workpiece cleaning
  • Automation concept for every cycle time possible, fully automated or manual loading