Preserving, oxidation protection for workpieces 

Homogeneous oxidation protection of your products – minimum consumption – minimum carry-over – consistent results!

Preservation processes ensure the quality of workpiece surfaces while these are transported, assembled or stored. A thin preservative film shields the workpieces from oxygen in the ambient air and the surface is protected against oxidation. At the same time, oxidising substances like for example direct water or humidity are dispelled by the preservatives.

Metered, selective! 

Low media consumption!

No carry-overs!

Integration into the cleaning system!

In most situations, oxidation protection is directly added as aggregate to the washing water for industrial parts washers, to be able to wash and preserve in one cycle. However, these aggregates can also have a negative impact on the residual contamination results to be archieved.

Alternative decentralised systems like for example plunge pools have high carry-over, and homogeneous preservation is not always possible due to air inclusions, particularly in case of complex workpieces. This is also the case in the reverse sense: Often, only certain areas must be preserved. This results in unnecessary oxidation protection usage.

C-SYSI Cleaning Systems preservation stations have been developed to be able to realise oxidation protection independent of washing processes. Precisely developed nozzle assemblies in our preservation stations guarantee here that homogeneous preservation is possible even in hard to reach places of the various workpieces.

Likewise, selective preservation processes of for example individual borings or surfaces can be mapped.

The addition of oxidation protection is adjusted to a few millimetres per workpiece for all applications.

The processes in our preservation stations can be realised in the shortest cycle times. With their modular and compact designs, these systems can fit into almost any production line. Furthermore, our preservation systems can also be integrated into existing C-SYS I Cleaning Systems as an addition.

Preservation stations from C-SYS I Cleaning Systems provide the following benefits:

  • Oxidation protection for workpieces of any structure and size
  • Minimum consumption and addition of antioxidants
  • Guaranteed application in hard to reach areas
  • Easy maintenance
  • Automatic process chamber cleaning
  • Standardised modular systems

Available designs for preservation stations:

  • Pass-through cleaning systems on roller conveyor or shuttle - cycle time recommendation: from 40 seconds
  • Gantry- or robot-loaded system with workpiece drawer - cycle time recommendation: from 40 seconds

C-SYS I Cleaning Systems preservation stations can of course also be integrated into our revolving transfer systems or into our multi-chamber boxes as a station!

C-SYS I Cleaning Systems offers the following additional options:

  • Stand-alone control unit, incl. CPU and display
  • Automatic refilling station for preservatives
  • Stand-alone supply via compressed air station
  • Stand-alone extraction units
  • Different separating devices

Typical workpieces / applications for preservation:

Automotive (truck / passenger car)

  • Motor: Crankcase, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, balance shaft, valve housing etc.  
  • Gear unit: Countershaft, drive shaft, gear shaft, gear wheels, CV transmission shafts etc.
  • Steering: Steering rack, steering gearbox etc.
  • Drive: Drive shaft, cardan shaft, quick-release axle etc.
  • Chassis: Steering knuckles, half-axis, U-joint crosses, wheel carriers, servo pump, track rod end etc.
  • Body: Special section tubes etc.

Machining tools / measuring equipment

  • Workpiece clamping adapter

White goods / household goods

  • Pump elements, compressor elements, compression elements etc.

Non-metallic workpieces

Large-scale production parts & precision parts

  • Hydraulic components, valve blocks etc.
  • Screws etc.