Spray cleaning of workpieces

Wet cleaning at the highest level


If it is not sufficient to treat workpieces in the dry cleaning procedures, spray cleaning systems from C-SYS I Cleaning Systems  come into their own. These systems use proven techniques, which have been tested by us for many years and are successfully being used by our customers. C-SYS I Cleaning Systems spray cleaning systems are characterised by precise pre-washing processes and meet the highest demands on quality with regard to cleanliness!

C-SYS I Cleaning Systemss are stand-alone!

Naturally we will adapt our spray cleaning systems precisely to your requirements! Whether the cleaning systems are to be supplied via a central treatment station or whether a stand-alone treatment is required is determined by you, our customer!

The requirements of a stand-alone treatment station are aligned with the desired purity demands on the workpiece as well as the available periphery. In this respect, we can offer you a tailored, cost-effective solution.

C-SYS I Cleaning Systems are flexible!

Depending on the degree of contamination and requirements of the cleaning result, C-SYS I Cleaning Systems also has a broad portfolio in the area of spray cleaning systems which it can draw on!

If it simply is dried coolant which is to be removed, or contaminations in hard to reach places are to be reduced, our cleaning systems which flush the workpieces with emulsion or oil are most suitable. Depending on the position and type of contamination, flushing systems with variable pressures are provided.

If degreasing and complete freedom from dripping are required in addition, our flushing systems with hot water come into their own.

C-SYS I Cleaning Systems are energy efficient!

We dispense with extensive flushing of workpieces. With spray cleaning systems from C-SYS I Cleaning Systems, all media-conducting nozzles are directly positioned towards the relevant areas of the workpieces.

A large number of flushing nozzles in our portfolio allows selection and use of these nozzles with the best possible energy/benefit ratio, thus reducing the total demand for coolants or washing water.

In addition, our stand-alone preparation or pump systems are designed so that flushing pressures as well as the heat and hence the required energy can be reduced to an absolute minimum.

This could not be more energy-efficient!