Dry cleaning processes for E-Mobility

Dry cleaning processes for rotors & stators!

Dry Cleaning Technologies for Electric Motor Housings, Hybridtransmissioncases without damaging the already built-in Electronic Components!

  • No use of liquids - completely dry!
  • Combination of Air Blower Cleaning, Vacuum suction and precise definition Cleaning System!
  • Stand-Alone-System!

High-End cleaning systems for e-mobility productions! Especially in the e-mobilitysector it is often not feasible to deploy "standard blow-off cabinets", while maintaining process reliability.


C-SYS | Cleaning Systems by SEMA Technology Group  develops solutions for every manufacturing step! Therefore, we are able to meet and guarantee precise residual contamination levels on the workpiece surface while using dry cleaning processes! Cleaning systems are more than just simple blow-off cabinets: The precise coordination of multiple cleaning steps and methods is essencial in order to achieve an optimal cost-benefit ratio. This is a core expertise at C-SYS | Cleaning Systems by SEMA Technology Group! Thanks to our years of expertise and industry leading in the dry workpiece cleaning sector, we are able to provide solutions to any task required! 


A new type of machine is now in use at our customer. A combination of our patented vacuum cleaning system Z-AIR-O™, air blower system R-TECH™ and precision cleaning nozzles guarantee process reliabile surface residual contamination levels of the workpiece in this machine - without emissions!

The precise coordination and use of different cleaning processes does not require an air exhaust system! The process chamber remains clean and all contaminants are collected in a seperate container.

Not yet convinced? Consider this: The total connected load is only 12kW! Plug and Play!


Needless to say, we have the right solution to your product in our portfolio! Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us, we are happy to consult you!

Benefits of Dry Cleaning Technologies for Rotors and Stators:

  • No liquid media!
  • Combination of blower air, vacuum system and, if required, pinpoint compressed air cleaning
  • Completely self-sufficient blower with fine filter unit
  • Precise workpiece cleaning
  • Automation concept for every cycle time possible, fully automated or manual loading