Industrial washing system, parts washing system

Highly precise industrial washing plant of a new generation!

All machined workpieces have one thing in common: At the end of the production line, they all still show traces of the previous processing steps. However, these contaminations are a disturbing factor for the final inspection and further assembly steps, which must be excluded. Immaculate cleanliness must also be ensured for trouble-free functioning of the end products.

C-SYS I Cleaning Systems industrial washing systems or parts washing systems are at home in precisely this segment. We can meet the high expectations of our customers at any time through precise washing technology combined with state-of-the-art system concepts.

Our cleaning systems which are precisely adapted to the respective workpieces are the core of our parts washing systems. Here, our proven flushing nozzle assemblies are used as much as the special fixtures specifically adapted to the respective requirements and workpiece geometries.

Energy efficiency is crucial for us in this segment as well. By using the most precise cleaning systems, in many cases we can reduce the temperature of the washing water to a minimum, thus saving valuable heating times as well as energy consumptions.

Depending on the required cleaning objective, our parts washing systems are designed with 1 to 2 stations as standard. Here, a defined pre-washing process takes place in the first station, while the last remaining particles on the workpieces are removed in the second station.

Preparation of the wash medium takes place in treatment stations, which are precisely designed for the respective requirements. Unnecessarily overdimensioned components are dispensed with and the size of the overall system can be minimised. At the same time, the running operating costs of the C-SYS I Cleaning Systems industrial washing systems are reduced.

Industrial washing systems or parts washing systems are the principal discipline amongst the cleaning systems. In this respect, the process and its precise programming are essential for the systems to be successful. For this reason, C-SYS I Cleaning Systems offers these systems with their own control systems in principle – naturally also adapted to the specifications of our customers!

The C-SYS I Cleaning parts washer forms the basis for complete final washing machines - depending on the requirements, these systems can be expanded with pre-cleaning modules, drying modules, preservation stations, vacuum dryers, ...

High pressure washers from C-SYS I Cleaning Systems offer the following benefits

  • Residual contamination values for final wash processes
  • Energy-efficient cold wash processes
  • Low space requirement
  • Modular system concept
  • Short preheating timesn
  • Reduced workpiece heating
  • Short cycle times
  • No immersion baths and consequently no re-contamination
  • Simplest maintenance
  • Fast delivery times

Available designs for C-SYS I Cleaning Systems parts washing systems:

  • Gantry- or robot-loaded system with workpiece drawer on 2 stations: Cycle time recommendation: from 40 seconds
  • Rotary transfer system with 3-6 stations: Cycle time recommendation: from 12 seconds
  • Continuous washer with 3-6 cleaning zones - station-related or in continuous operation

Typical workpieces / applications for industrial washing plant:

Automotive (truck / passenger car)

  • Motor: Crankcase, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, balance shaft, turbocharger, pump housing, valve housing etc.  
  • Gear unit: Clutch housing, gear case, countershaft, drive shaft, gear shaft, gear wheels, shifting fork, shift lever, CV transmission shafts etc.
  • Steering: Steering rack, steering gearbox etc.
  • Drive: Drive shaft, cardan shaft, quick-release axle, thrust tube etc.
  • Chassis: Steering knuckles, half-axis, U-joint crosses, wheel carriers, servo pump, pin fork, track rod end etc.
  • Body: Special section tubes, air conditioning compressor elements etc.
  • E-mobility (electric motor): Rotor shaft, stator, motor housing etc.

White goods / household goods

  • Aluminium housing, pump elements, compressor elements, compression elements etc.

Non-metallic workpieces

  • Glass, ceramic etc.