Flushing with emulsion or oil

Ideal workpiece preparation for subsequent cleaning processes

Precise cleaning also requires the customised design of all cleaning systems. For some applications, simple dry cleaning is not enough. For these applications, C-SYS I Cleaning Systems spray cleaning with processing emulsion or oil is the ideal complement.

Highly precise, selective cleaning!

Low use of medium!

Small space requirement!

No increase of cycle time!

The aim of these systems is the removal and minimisation of the chips, contaminations as well as dried processing emulsion, and the preparation for the next dry cleaning step. To prevent the mixing of different processing media, no washing water or other cleaning agents are used with this cleaning method. The workpieces are flushed with the same emulsion that is used in the previous process. An optional return pumping station returns the emulsion used for flushing to the previous processing machine or the next central treatment station. C-SYS I Cleaning Systems can of course also provide respective stand-alone processing aggregates.

Cleaning usually occurs in two steps: first, the relevant areas are pre-cleaned with special nozzle assemblies. The workpiece is then pre-dried (if required) with dry cleaning modules. Naturally, the C-SYS I Cleaning Systems spray cleaning systems can also be integrated into plant networks. So in some cases, the flushing process will be sufficient to guarantee the next processing in a process-reliable way.

The workpieces are not simply exposed to pressure on a large scale with the C-SYS I Cleaning Systems spray cleaning systems. Depending on the application and desired result, the workpieces can be tipped up, rotated or selectively exposed to pressure. Likewise, only specific ducts and borings can be flushed with our technology, without increasing the entry of cooling lubricants on the workpiece. For these defined areas, C-SYS I Cleaning Systems has also developed its own high-pressure units and nozzles, to be able to flush out even the smallest residues.

C-SYS I Cleaning Systems spray cleaning systems work almost without disrupting the production process. With the special labyrinths within our cleaning units and the multiple nozzles based on these, defined flushing cycles can be performed without further handling tasks. Consequently, workpiece interiors that are difficult to access can be flushed in one cycle and dry-cleaned.

The C-SYS I Cleaning Systems spray cleaning systems are of course also available as stand-alone system!

The C-SYS I Cleaning Systems flushing systems based on coolant and oil provide the following benefits:

  • Cleaning of complex structures and workpiece interiors
  • No mixing of media
  • Process not disrupting the production
  • Cleaning of areas that are difficult to access (e.g. water spaces in cylinder heads)
  • Dirt particles can be removed completely
  • No complex media preparation
  • No workpiece heating
  • External movement units
  • Simplest maintenance
  • Fixed special flushing nozzles
  • Automatic process chamber cleaning
  • Design as inline concept, as gantry-loaded system or as special designs with several loading and unloading options
  • Precise workpiece preparation for subsequent processes

Available designs for combined flushing and dry cleaning:

  • Pass-through cleaning systems on roller conveyor or shuttle, cycle time recommendation: from 40 seconds
  • Multi-chamber systems on roller conveyor or shuttle, cycle time recommendation: 20-40 seconds
  • Gantry- or robot-loaded system with workpiece drawer, cycle time recommendation: from 40 seconds
  • Revolving transfer system with 3 stations, cycle time recommendation: from 12 seconds

C-SYS I Cleaning Systems offers the following additional options:

  • Stand-alone control unit, incl. CPU and display
  • Energy efficiency package
  • Stand-alone supply via compressed air station
  • Return pumping stations
  • Circulation pumps for power supply independent flushing processes
  • High-pressure units
  • Stand-alone extraction units
  • Different separating devices

Typical workpieces / applications for spray cleaning with emulsion or oil:

Automotive (truck / passenger car)

  • Motor: Crankcase, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, balance shaft, turbocharger, pump housing, valve housing etc.  
  • Gear unit: Clutch housing, gear case, countershaft, drive shaft, gear shaft, gear wheels, shifting fork, shift lever, CV transmission shafts etc.
  • Steering: Steering rack, steering gearbox etc.
  • Drive: Drive shaft, calliper, cardan shaft, quick-release axle, thrust tube etc.
  • Chassis: Steering knuckles, half-axis, U-joint crosses, wheel carriers, servo pump, pin fork, track rod end etc.
  • Body: Chassis parts, special section tubes, air conditioning compressor elements etc.
  • E-mobility (electric motor): Rotor shaft, stator, motor housing etc.

Machining tools / measuring equipment

  • Cleaning of measuring equipment
  • Injection tools
  • Extruder tools
  • Workpiece holders
  • Workpiece clamping adapter

White goods / household goods

  • Aluminium housing, pump elements, compressor elements, compression elements etc.

Non-metallic workpieces

Large-scale production parts & precision parts

  • Hydraulic components, valve blocks etc.
  • Screws etc.